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As a community radio station, Gin Gin's Own 104.9FM is dedicated to assisting the community. Not only are we providers of entertainment for our listening area, but are an outlet for information: news, community events and engagement, supporters of local business and provider of volunteer positions with government affiliated programs...but as a rural and Gin Gin's only radio station, we are also tasked with providing assistance for news and information during natural disasters and emergencies - working with SES and the police when needed. A very important job indeed, and one we take seriously. As with any business, we also have administrative, equipment and maintenance costs without which, we couldn't broadcast.

In an effort to continue our work for the community, we rely on grants and community assistance.  If you would like to help support 104.9FM to grow and exceed in our vision, and of course help us deliver the best entertainment and music in the world, please contact us.  We value your support. We can do much, much more with your help.

How to support

  • Become a member - support us by becoming a member. You can choose to participate in station activities or not, its completely up to you. Our meetings are held each month, and we welcome you to attend to learn more about our activities, what we have planned for our station and for our presenters. Attendance is open to everyone.  Come along and add your voice! Membership forms are available at the station office on the corner of May and Dear Streets.

  • Donation - You can donate one time or multiple times

  • Become a sponsor - Own a business? As a community non profit, we don't have advertisers, we have sponsors, and we love all of them! Sponsor packages are available, we record promos just for you and give you your own special spot on air, every day! If you have a logo and a website, we can put that right here on our website, right along with the introduction to your business.  Help us, help you, to help us, to help you...
    click here for information on sponsor rates

  • Sponsor a programme - You can choose to sponsor any specific programme or show, choose a favourite or two.  

Ways to donate:

In person:

Visit the station at the corner of May and Dear Streets (near the Gin Gin show grounds), during business hours (Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm). Pay by cash, cheque or money order. 

By post:

Post your cheque/money order made out to 104.9FM to PO Box 87, Gin Gin, Qld 4671.

Set up a recurring donation

Choose how much you would like to donate and how frequently - weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Its easy! Phone 104.9FM on 07 4157 1049 or email us to get a direct debit brochure sent to you.

Want to join in? 

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General meetings are open to the public and are held monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at the Youth Activity Centre, Gin Gin, at 7pm. These meetings are held to keep our presenters and members informed of latest developments and to discuss various aspects of broadcasting techniques.

PO Box 87
Gin Gin QLD 4671
Phone: (07) 4157 1049
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Managing Committee

President:              Trevor Clark
Vice President:       John Carmichael
Treasurer:              Darren Prouse
Secretary:              Di Andersen
Committee:            Ken Andersen, Alma Carmichael, Barbara Chapman

Member Positions
Web & Media Communications: Helen Mc.

For information regarding the website please contact Helen: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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