Gin Gin's Own 104.9fm is operated by a managing committee.  An election process, the AGM, is held each year to elect members of the committee.  Each member has a select position with responsibilities with duties given and chosen by each member,  though some of these elective duties change each year.



  • Ensure there is compliance with legislation from ACMA and the Office of Fair Trading
  • Advise relevant organizations of any changes in the Associations Committee and/or Constitution


  • Organises the production of sponsor messages in accordance with the requirements of the sponsor
  • Organises the production of internal “stings” and presenters’ self-promotional material


  • Ensure equipment is maintained and organise promptly for service/repair
  • Monitor transmitter settings & note whether these have been altered
  • Ensure the Asset Register is maintained & kept up to date
  • Ensure old equipment is stored and documented as such
  • Ensure the maintenance book is kept up to date with relevant repair/cleaning/maintenance on any equipment is documented.



  • Ensure new presenters are trained adequately and are aware of local governance and health & safety issues
  • Encourage in-service updates of all presenters on a regular basis


  • Issue risk assessment to presenters regularly and take remedial action where necessary
  • Ensure test & tag undertaken of all electrical equipment
  • Ensure smoke alarms tested & batteries changed annually

Ensure safe working of air-conditioning units and fire extinguishers




  • Identify sources of potential grants, apply using correct criteria, submitting quotes for equipment, manage project if successful, and ensure acquittal within the designated time frame, supplying all relevant invoices


  • Deliver invoices
  • Ensure payments are made
  • Regular contact to ensure sponsors happy
  • Liaison with production team for new messages
  • Actively seek out new sponsors
  • Maintain the sponsor register & disc register.
  • Copy all sponsor messages to computer to facilitate burning new CD’s if necessary
  • Prepare and issue each week the running sheets to reflect the contractual obligations to sponsors and airtime, ensuring only 5 minutes per hour on sponsor messages


  • Accurate records of money received and money paid out, including petty cash
  • Prepare invoices for sponsors
  • Maintain and update the asset register
  • Prepare annual budget plan
  • Ensure all financial records passed to Auditor in time for AGM report



  • Maintain and update register of members
  • Maintain and update the contact details for all members
  • Issue member renewal notices, member cards and update register accordingly
  • Maintain records of all correspondence received and sent
  • Ensure filing is kept up to date
  • Maintain the key register, ensuring all keys to studio, office & filing cabinets are accounted for
  • Accurate minutes of all meetings are prepared, issued (e-mail and hard copy, as per list) and filed after acceptance
  • Update and maintain the personnel files of presenters
  • Update and amend the g-mail contact list of members & presenters
  • Ensure log of complaints/disputes is maintained and all documentation filed appropriately


  • Ensure hall is booked
  • Ensure all members are notified of meeting date and issued with minutes of previous meting 
  • Ensure all relevant documentation is brought to the meetings (previous minutes for signing, Constitution, membership list)
  • Maintain register of meeting attendees

Maintain register of “motions moved” at meetings




  • Maintain the CD song catalogue list, updating when new CDs are bought/donated & catalogue appropriately according to genre


  • Oversee the music added to the computer library by presenters


  • Organize the weekly roster, liaising with all presenters when cover required
  • Ensure copies are printed & put in studio 
  • Make copies for those who do not have email
  • Plan in advance if known absence will be occurring


  • In liaison with the roster co-ordinator, ensure an even distribution of genres of music across the day
  • Emphasise the need for presenters to play 25% of Australian music, as per ACMA stipulation
  • Encourage community involvement in programmes


  • Ensure adequate stocks of toilet paper, paper towels, black bin liners, toilet cleaner & relevant cleaning products
  • Ensure adequate supply of pens and scrap paper for presenters
  • Ensure relevant forms for presenters are available in the control room (membership forms, sponsorship forms, LBS studio  playlist)

PO Box 87
Gin Gin QLD 4671
Phone: (07) 4157 1049
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Managing Committee

President:              Trevor Clark
Vice President:       John Carmichael
Treasurer:              Darren Prouse
Secretary:              Di Andersen
Committee:            Ken Andersen, Alma Carmichael, Barbara Chapman

Member Positions
Web & Media Communications: Helen Mc.

For information regarding the website please contact Helen: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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